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The Next Big Diversified US Cannabis Royalty Investment Opportunity

The United States represents a massive opportunity for cannabis investments. We believe we have identified the perfect play to reap the rewards from a diversified investment opportunity. This company has a focus on: Licensed US Operators, Cultivation, Processing & Extraction, Dispensing, Distribution and ancillary services. This gives investors a diversified exposure to US cannabis industry, one of the fastest growing cannabis markets in the world.

Cowen & Co. forecast in 2016 that the U.S. marijuana industry could be worth as much as $50 billion by 2026, while ArcView, a leading cannabis research company, has projected a 26% annual growth rate in North America through 2021. If ArcView is correct, the North American legal-weed industry could be generating almost $22 billion in sales within a few years.

This opportunity we have identified is expected to start trading any day. We expect considerable demand for shares of this company, especially when the word spreads, as the royalty model provides sophisticated shareholders a great upside exposure while mitigating the operational risk that comes from equity ownership. There are no recurring costs and no ongoing maintenance expenditures to worry about as a streaming company. It’s mainly about making deals and reaping high-margin returns by selling what you receive from the stream at current market prices.

The management team has built and led some of most well-known and iconic cannabis brands in Canada and worldwide already. We expect many significant updates upon trading of this company, especially significant royalty deals in US Cannabis companies that are likely to be accretive to the company. Management is expected to significantly leverage cannabis expertise to these investments to bring quick returns to shareholders.

Here are two comparable Cannabis Royalty plays have done really well which supports why we think this next Royalty company will do VERY WELL too.



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