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RESAAS Services Inc. (TSX-V:RSS) (OTCMKTS:RSASF) Elicits Strong Demand From REALTORS in San Francisco

RESAAS Services Inc. (TSX-V:RSS) (OTCMKTS:RSASF) might as well have served a catalyst that affirms its growth credentials in the real estate industry. The cloud-based blockchain technology company says its RealTimeMLS platform registered a 63% increase in the posting of pre-market and off-market listings, in the first half of the year.

RealTimeMLS Utilization

The platform which is barely two years old also registered a 56% increase in buyer need requests underlining the fact that it is a preferred means of sourcing real estate information. According to the company, the solution has become a popular and reliable tool for members of the San Francisco Association of REALTORS.

The number of People using the platform has been increasing at an impressive rate after a 50% plus increase in 2017. Increased usage in recent months has to do with the refocusing of the platform, which has made it desirable for pre-market and off-market listings.

Some of the new features that have made the platform desirable for sourcing real estate related information include a native mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. Pre-market listings entered into RealTimeMLS can now be used to maintain accurate records. There is also an analytics feature that provides members with insight into the number of members accessing RealTimeMLS on a daily basis.

“We are pleased to have supported the exceptional growth of RealTimeMLS in the San Francisco market over the past two years. Focusing primarily on the posting of pre-market and off-market listings and buyer needs has aided in the adoption and engagement of activity levels seen within the solution,” said Danielle Sissons, VP Operations at RESAAS. “


Widespread adoption of RealTimeMLS comes just a day after RESAAS Services Inc. announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with REIN Group. The agreement paves the way for REIN to license the company’s existing RESAAS technology for the creation of a private platform of real estate investors.

According to REIN president, Richard Dolan, futurization of the real estate sector is gaining momentum thus the need to leverage RESAAS technology in pursuit of opportunities in the industry. The private platform under development will seek to provide the necessary answers to the more than 1.6 billion searches made online every year in pursuit of real estate answers.

REIN is one of the largest and longest running real estate investment education firm in Canada. The company specializes in furnishing investors with proven systems for investing in real estate. According to RESAAS Service, s Inc. CEO Tom Resister and agreement with REIN group represents the first fully white-labeled licensed relationship for providing innovation on matters real estate.

RESAAS Services stock has started showing signs of bottoming out in the wake of recent positive developments that have shone light on its long-term prospects. However, the stock faces an uphill task given that it is currently trading in a steep downtrend, after feeling the full effects of short sellers since the first half of last year.



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