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Resaas Services Inc. (OTC:RSASF), (TSX.V:RSS) Strikes New Licensing Deal With REIN To Tap Into More Growth

Intro: Resaas Services is looking to expand investment opportunities together with Toronto-based REIN Group of Companies

Resaas Services Inc. (OTC:RSASF), (TSX.V:RSS) has announced that it has signed a licensing deal with the REIN Group of Companies which is based in Toronto.

Resaas Services which is a blockchain technology startup that has a platform that focuses on the real estate industry signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Canadian firm which will allow them to work together towards creating new growth opportunities. The deal will allow REIN to license technology developed by Resaas Services so that it can come up with a separate private real estate platform. This will allow investors who use the REIN platform to share investment opportunities that are made available through the platform.

Tom Rossiter, the CEO of Resaas Services pointed out in a statement that his firm was pleased to be working together with REIN and helping them achieve their long-term vision. He also added that his company’s award-winning tech platform was created to focus on all facets of the real estate industry.

REIN has more than 155,000 devoted traders who are registered on its platform, about 36,500 students, and thousands of members who are active on the platform. Rossiter stated that the partnership marked his company’s first fully white-labeled and licensed relationship that is aimed at providing innovation in the real-estate industry. The licensing deal also seeks to develop investment opportunities for both companies.

Focusing on new ideas for the future through new technologies

REIN’s president Richard Dolan in one of his remarks stated that the futurization of the real estate industry has arrived. He also noted that there are more than 1.6 billion online searches related to the real estate market according to Google Canada. This means that there is an actual demand for real estate information and intelligence.

It is therefore important for companies in the real estate industry to come up with better solutions that will help those searching find what they are looking for. Real estate investors are leaning towards the use of digital technology to build property portfolios that deliver high levels of performance. Such investors are thus leveraging new technologies and trends such as blockchain technology, big data, artificial intelligence, and mobile technology. Resaas plans to be at the forefront of these technologies.

REIN has amassed a lot of experience in the industry

REIN has also been a trendsetter in providing real estate investors with opportunities for more than 25 years. Its long-term presence in the industry has earned it a spot as one of Canada’s leading companies in property development and research. It has also been recognized as one of the most educative platforms when it comes to matters related to the cryptocurrency market.

Real estate is one of the most lucrative markets but it has traditionally involved a lot of procedures and steps which slow down the process and make it expensive. The adoption of technologies such as blockchain which seem to bring more ease into the whole process and eliminate intermediaries could be the key to making it more efficient.




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