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Guyana Goldstrike – A Hidden Gem For Your Portfolio

Gold prices touched a new low this week. With the constant drop in the gold prices, even many hardcore gold loyalists are questioning the efficacy of their investment, or if they should remain invested in the segment. A simple answer to all their questions is ‘Yes’ they should stay invested. Many big and wise minds believe that Gold will rally for sure – the timing, however, is not certain. Some say next year, while some believe it will be later this year.

According to the second largest bank in America – Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML), gold prices would average around $1,400 an ounce (from around $1250 currently) in the fourth-quarter. “We note that the business cycle is maturing and the ongoing uncertainty around trade is not helping at this junction,” the bank said in their Monday report. “At the same time, inflation has been picking up (shorting Treasuries is one of the most crowded trades), a combination which may ultimately bring gold buyers back into the market.”

It must be noted that BAML’s forecast of a jump in the gold prices assumes a stronger dollar. So, in case the dollar slides, it will act as a booster for the gold prices. Amid such a backdrop, it will be wise for investors to take a position in a gold stock that holds potential, but is still a hidden gem.

One such stock is Guyana Goldstrike Inc.  (TSXV: GYA)(OTC: GYNAF), an advanced junior exploration company headquartered in Canada. The company is developing the Marudi Gold Project in Guyana, an advanced exploration and development project with a permitted mining license. The project holds immense potential as so far only 5% of the property has been explored, while a mineral resource estimate has reported over 340,000 oz of gold.

Other highlights of the project are – recently completed mineral resource estimate for Mazoa Hill Zone gave “259,100 indicated gold ounces within 4,428,000 tonnes grading 1.8 grams/tonne (g/t) and 86,200 inferred gold ounces within 1,653,000 tonnes grading 1.60 grams/tonne (g/t).” Further, the project is generating royalty sales from small-scale alluvial miners.

Guyana Goldstrike’s CEO Peter Berdusco is quite confident on the project and believes that exploring the rest of the area will result in more gold. Infact, the company only recently selected Precision GeoSurveys to carry ‘Airborne Geophysical Survey’ over entire 13,500-acre Marudi Gold project.

“The high-resolution magnetic and radiometric survey will be a key tool used by Guyana Goldstrike’s exploration team to map folding, shearing and faulting in detail, in this structurally complex gold project,” Berdusco said in a press release.

Guyana Goldstrike is equipped well to develop Marudi Gold project to its full potential. It has pulled together a management team that has more than fifteen years of operational experience in Guyana, and combined 120 years of mining and resource exploration experience. The company is also well-funded to carry its exploration program. A few months back, the gold mining company raised C$3,475,000 via a private placement, including C$3.2M strategic investment from Zijin Mining Group.

Guyana Goldstrike is not just limiting itself to the traditional mining business model, but is also exploring ways to benefit from the Blockchain – the current trend in the financial world. The company is a founding member of the Gold and Silver Ethereum Strategic Alliance, which would explore “a new method of funding via an exciting and rapidly emerging crypto-token market,” Berdusco said previously.

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